Opotiki Township for our Campers

Opotiki is the closest town to Tirohanga Beach Motor Camp. Only 6 k's down the road it has all a camper could want here at Tirohanga. A large modern Supermarket, Cafes & a full range of service stores. Parking in the main business and shopping areas is also free.

For campers here at Tirohanga the main points of interest would be:

The Dunes Trail

The western end of the Dunes trail begins at the Pakowhai ki Otutaopuku Bridge in Opotiki and continues on out to our park here at Tirohanga (6 kilometres) and beyond. A nice outing is a bike into Opotiki along the dunes trail for a coffee or shopping stop and then a ride home. Alternatively get picked up if you happen to visit the Masonic Hotel for a wine or beer.


new-world-opotiki.jpgNew World Opotiki

Your nearest source for groceries would be Opotiki New World which is a newly developed large supermarket with everything you'll need.

opotiki-museum.jpgThe Opotiki Museum

Just because it's got the word museum in it don't write it off, now known as the "Opotiki Heritage & Agricultural Society" it is an absolutely fantastic historical resource for the Opotiki community. With themed rooms and artifacts  that will simply amaze you and provide an insight into what life was like for early settlers Here in Opotiki.

The future of Opotiki.

Alot of Opotiki's future development prospects have been resting on the development of a Harbour Project. 

The opotiki-harbour-project.jpgharbour development, which will ensure a minimum channel depth of about four metres, will create access to the Harbour for larger vessels, allowing Ōpōtiki to become a service and processing base for the aquaculture industry.

Artists impression of the proposed harbour entrance.







Opotiki boasts some fine cafes
and certainly punches above
it's weight in this department.
They are The Hot Bread Shop
and Cafe, Two Fish Cafe and 
Cross Roads Pizza to name a few.


Op Shops

Opotiki has become a bit of a hub for op shops and there are now 5 shops with a range of different clothes and items of interest. Many of the older kids enjoy taking a trip into town to pick up some bargains. Many of the shops have quality labels for bargain prices. And if your having a fancy dress party at the park it's a great place to start for the adults too.