Tirohanga Motor Camp as a base for the Pakihi Trail

Ride the Pakihi Section of the Motu Trails

It has quickly become apparent that the Pakihi Section of the Motu Trails is THE section to ride. Everybody wants to do it but it becomes expensive when travel, accommodation, transport and equipment are taken into consideration. 

We've figured out a way to make it affordable AND get the best out of the Pakihi Trail. This opens the Pakihi Trail up to the average level rider and makes it achievable in a days ride.

Ride the Pakihi Trail Map with Tirohanga Motor Camp

Pakihi Trail Pictures

How it works

The benefits of doing it this way...

  • It removes the 447 meter / 26kms uphill grind leaving only a 13km ride to the start / top of the Pakihi Track.
  • Getting you to the best riding from the start - a dedicated mountain biking track, Pakihi Section
  • Makes the ride more affordable and achievable for an average riders skill level
  • Makes the ride more achievable in a day's ride.

Depart Tirohanga Motor Camp 8am
We have a contact for a driver who will travel with you in your vehicle to the top of the Toatoa- not the start of the Pakihi down hill section. He will then drive your vehicle back the same route to your accommodation here at Tirohanga Motor Camp.
Biker Drop off 9am at Meremere / Toatoa
You and your friends bike the Pakihi Trail. Having removed the arduous uphill section, the majority of it will be downhill (there are uphill sections so don't think your getting off lightly).
Ride the Pakihi to Opotiki 9am - 1pm/3pm
By the afternoon you should be back in Opotiki, stop in for a coffee / break if you wish.
Dunes Trail back to Tirohanga Motor Camp
Cycle the Dunes Trail (an easy warm down 6k's) back to Tirohanga Motor Camp, where your car will be waiting and you can enjoy a cold beer!