Fun at Tirohanga is back to basics when it comes to kids. With a sunny beach front location and the dunes section of the Motu Trails right in front of the park.


Dunes Trail for Kids

We have a large playground, Dunes cycleway out front to explore. Kids really enjoy cycling along to explore the coastline. This stretch of the Dunes Trail is very safe for kids even those who have only just learnt to cycle.

Tirohanga Beach

Combine this with a beautifully long and gradually sloping flat sandy beach makes our location a haven for kids and adults.

Entertainment over Christmas

We've had a long relationship with a church fellowship that comes in and organises games, activities and adventures for the kids of all ages.

This happens over 7 days between Christmas and New Year. This programme has become a highlight with many of our returning campers.

Take a kid fishing!

With a plethora of fishing options maybe it's time to take the kids fishing. Explore the Waioeka river from the main road, with a good set of polaroid glasses, spot your quarry from above and then make your way down into the river. For the sea, set a long line / surfcast or if all else fails go out with the local expert Mike Ruru!

Opotiki Cafes &

Opotiki has also become well known for its op shops and a lot of the young adults like checking out the bargains and batting for a deal.