Please read and follow these simple rules to make everyone’s holiday enjoyable

Please ensure all members of your party read and obey these rules


Reception Hours: 8:30am-8pm. For emergencies please ring the bell outside the office.

Payment We accept Eftpos, Visa only with debts above $120.00 

Departure/checkout: Checkout is 10am; please drop unit keys off at the office on departure.

Telephone/Mobiles: Card phone is located at the gate of the camp and cards are available at shop. Mobile phone located at reception at top of sand dunes.

Day Visitors: Visitors must report to the office. Day visitors are the responsibility of the registered guest and must leave quietly before 10pm. Cars to be parked outside the camp.

Alcohol: Permitted on guest’s site/unit only and will not be tolerated around the grounds or communal buildings.

Quiet: Complete quietness between the hours of 11pm and 7am. Please be thoughtful of others in the camping ground.

Pets: All pets are to be kept in the pet paddock. Beach access for pets is at the end of the pet paddock to the right.

Speed in Camping Ground: Walking pace only.

Parking: Each site/unit is located a park. One car per site, trailers and other vehicles to be parked down the back paddock.

Smoking: We have a No Smoking policy in all our units and communal buildings. Additional charges will be made if you fail to observe this rule.

Showers: Please keep showers to approx. 3 min or coin timers will be fitted. All sand is to be washed off at beach showers before entering the main shower block. No boogie boards and surf boards to be taken into shower block.

Chemical Toilets: Please use dump station located next to the drive by the men’s toilets for the emptying of waste, do not empty toilet waste down the toilet.

Behaviour and Conduct:

  • Responsible behaviour and dress at all times.

  • No loud swearing or bad language.

  • Excessive drinking and parties are forbidden.

  • Alcohol: permitted on guest’s unit/site only and will be tolerated around the grounds or communal buildings.

  • Complete quietness between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The management reserve the right to be cancel tenancy at any time if any person or group, who in the opinion of management behave in an objectionable manner or contravene the camp rules and there will be no refund of fees paid.

Bikes and motor bikes: are the be ridden at walking pace only. Four wheelers are to be ridden in the camp only for the purpose of going to and from the beach, not around the camp. Licence holder only.

Water: No water fights in any form (i.e. bombs, pistols, etc)

Fires/Fireworks: are not permitted in the camping ground or on the beach at anytime.

Lost Property: Any lost property handed in to office is kept for 3 months, after which it is donated to charity. It is the guest’s responsibility to claim lost property.

Theft: As a reminder, please ensure that all valuables are secure. Lock your doors and ensure all vehicles are secure.

Swimming Pool:  All children below 12 years old are to be supervised at all times. Pool hours are from 7.00am to 9pm. No jumping and diving into pool and no boogie boards etc in pool. Please ensure you shut gate after entering.

Freezer: We have a freezer at the house where all steak, roasts, chickens and hams can be left in named bags. All other sausages and freezer packs can be left in the freezer located in the camp kitchen which will be locked between 11.00pm and 5.30am. Please name all bags in the fridge and freezer.

Liquor Ban on Beach: Tirohanga Beach now has a total Liquor Ban between the dates of 24/12/04 to 07/01/05. The Police will be supervising this. No Glass containers to be taken down the beach.

Security: A Security Guard will be monitoring the camp at night over the time of Xmas/New Year, but please keep all property out of sight.

Cleaning: Ablution block will be cleaned between 11.00 and 12.00 morning and night. Please help us by keeping the showers clear at this time.

Hose Stations: The hoses are for collecting water not doing dishes, washing feet etc, as they will soon bog up and start to smell.

Caravans: Including campervans must have an electrical warrant of fitness and comply with LPG Standard.  All campervans and caravans must have their own wastewater container. Chemical toilets must be emptied in dump stations, which are situated at main amenities block by driveway.

Tents: Electricity can only be connected through an approved isolating transformer or RCD Safety Switch.

Fishing: Fish bait freezer is located at end laundry room. No bait in main fridge or freezers. Fish to be cleaned at fish bay by tractor shed only. (Fish waste only in screw top buckets)

Rubbish: Please try to use recycle stations (wool packs) for glass, paper & plastic. Green wheelie bins will be emptied each day at 9 to 9.30 am.

Wifi: Wireless internet and packages are purchased at the main office

Cancellation and Refund Policy